– Our Story –

The PawStand evolved due to the combined talents and experiences of Donna Raney and Jennifer Andreae.

Donna grew up on a 52 acre farm in Arkansas, and was responsible for taking care of the family pets and farm animals before and after school every day. She founded and operated her independent business as a professional pet sitter in 2002. She worked for corporate America for 20 years while pet sitting part time. Her clients began to inquire about her availability on a full time basis. In 2008, she extended her services, leaving corporate America, and pursuing her passion. Her independent business, Pet Attention, LLC encompassed over eighty loyal clients in the Atlanta area.

Jennifer has been a physical therapist since 1986 and has always had a love for animals. When her black lab was diagnosed with hip dysplasia years ago, she began to discuss the surgical options with the orthopedic veterinarian. Naturally, from her viewpoint, rehabilitation was in order. The vet commented that it made sense, but the veterinary world was way behind on this compared to the human world. They discussed how pre and post-op canines should have the same type of rehab that is typical protocol for humans to receive.

Donna and Jennifer spent a lot of time discussing how our pets don’t live as long as we would all like them to live. They decided to open a store that would be dedicated to all natural, made in North America, foods, treats, toys, supplements, and accessories. In addition to offering rehabilitation, fitness and spa services.

The name “The PawStand” came about from one of Donna’s pet sitting clients. Otis is a rescue dog who had been shot in the chest and is blind in one eye. Donna noticed that he didn’t like to hike on anything or get his rear paws wet. In fact, he would completely lift up his rear legs and stand on his front paws to relieve himself. Jennifer laughed in disbelief and commented, “Hey, he’s doing a pawstand”. Donna exclaimed, “That is going to be the name of our new business!”

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– Our Mission –

We will promote the overall well-being of individuals and families by extending the quality of health and longevity of their pets.

– Our Vision –

We will provide top quality, North American manufactured products, excellent customer service from an educated-based perspective, and community minded engagement, to enrich the lives we touch.

– Our Values –

Enthusiasm for pets. Compassion for life. Integrity for relationships.